Physiotherapy at Palmers Green Clinic

At Palmers Green Clinic, our approach to physiotherapy goes beyond traditional treatment; it’s a journey towards long-lasting health and vitality. Our services, led by the highly experienced Specialist Consultant Physiotherapist Auris Seibutis, are uniquely designed to align with your life’s rhythm, ensuring each session contributes not just to your recovery, but to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Physiotherapy is essential for a vibrant life, offering relief from acute pain and chronic conditions. It empowers you to move freely, sleep soundly, and live without discomfort. Our treatment philosophy is grounded in understanding the body’s intricate ‘mechanics’—each technique we apply is like fine-tuning a sophisticated instrument to perform harmoniously.

Transformative Care

We understand that every step towards recovery is significant. That’s why our physiotherapy services are not just about rehabilitation; they’re about reinvigorating your life. With Palmers Green Clinic, experience the transformation that expert, patient-focused physiotherapy can make. Because here, we don’t just treat symptoms—we treat individuals.


  • Specialist Physiotherapist Consultation£150
  • Physiotherapist consultation£100
  • Follow-up Consultation£70
  • Corticosteroid Injection £100
  • Lubricant Injection£180
  • Focused Shockwave Therapy (One Part)£110
  • Radial Shockwave Therapy (One Part)£60
  • Focused Shockwave Therapy Application in Men's Pelvic Health£300

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