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Laboratory tests at Palmers Green Clinic

Our Clinics have diagnostic blood, ECG and urine analyser equipment onsite to help our doctors make immediate clinical decisions based on your tests results on the day.

Full Blood Count (FBC) performed quickly in 10 minutes is available at the clinic. This 19 parameter blood test is one of the main gold standard tools that guides doctors treatments in the hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Do you need antibiotics for your colds and coughs? CRP (C-reactive protein) test is a simple finger prick blood test to find out if infection is present in your body. This test is helps our doctors to differentiate between viral and microbial infection so they can prescribe you with antibiotic only when it is necessary. Find out in 5 minutes and get treated immediately.

Anonymous Sexual Health Screening. We do not need doctor referral, you can just walk in to have the tests. Doctor consultation is available on request before and after testing if necessary.

We take blood samples at the clinic and send it our partner laboratory which performs majority of tests available in the UK including allergen tests, hormones tests, cancer markers and others. Our laboratory services are registered with Care Quality Commission and is independently controlled by United Kingdom Quality Assurance Scheme (UKNEQAS)

Prices: Laboratory and Imaging Services

  • X-rayFrom £40
  • Ultrasound scanFrom £110
  • MRI scanFrom £250
  • CRP£40
  • HbA1c£40
  • FBC+ Full Biochemistry£110
  • Urine test Dip Stick at the clinic£40
  • Urine culture test£100
  • Phlebotomy fee£15
  • Other blood tests and investigationsSeparate Laboratory tests list
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