Dermatology at Palmers Green Clinic

Experience the best in skin care with our comprehensive dermatological services. Our clinic is equipped to treat a wide spectrum of skin conditions with the utmost precision and care.

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What is Dermatology?

We understand that each step towards healthier skin is crucial. That’s why our dermatology services at Palmers Green Clinic are not just about treating skin conditions; they’re about rejuvenating your life. With us, experience the difference that expert, patient-focused dermatological care can make. Because here, we don’t just address symptoms—we care for individuals. 

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Dermatology and minor surgery procedures

  • Dermatologist Consultation£150
  • Dermatologist follow up consultation£100
  • Dermatological Cryosurgery ProcedureFrom £80
  • Dermatoscopy. Full Body Skin Moles Examination£90
  • Skin biopsy test£180
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