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High-quality Healthcare Services

From general check-ups to specialised medical assessments, we offer a full range of services. Our experienced team is here to provide fast, friendly, and expert care – because your overall well-being is our priority

Private GP and Internal Medicine

Comprehensive care for all ages, addressing acute and chronic health issues using a personalised approach.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Personalised and sensitive care for women's health, from routine exams to specialised treatments.


Comprehensive dental services focusing on oral hygiene, tooth health, and smile aesthetics


Tailored healthcare for children, focusing on developmental milestones and paediatric well-being.

Upper Abdominal & Minor Surgeries

Focused surgical expertise in the gastrointestinal tract and of the skin with a particular emphasis on minimally invasive techniques and recovery.

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Specialised care for musculoskeletal issues, emphasising bone health, joint function, and injury recovery.


Expert skin care for a range of dermatological issues, employing the latest in skin health treatments.


Expert care for urinary and reproductive systems, ensuring privacy and the highest standard of treatment

ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)

Specialised care for ear, nose, and throat conditions, focusing on hearing, sinus health, and voice disorders.


Customised rehabilitation programs to restore movement and enhance physical performance post-injury.


Professional care for digestive health, focusing on gastrointestinal disorders, endoscopic procedures, and nutritional wellness.

Pulmonology & Allergology

Expert care for respiratory and allergic conditions, emphasising lung health, breath control, and allergen management.


Dedicated heart health management and advanced cardiac treatment by our experienced cardiologists.

List of Benefits

  • Quick Access to Full Dental and Medical Services
  • Compassionate Team Ready to Assist You
  • Expert Medical Care with a Personalised Treatment Approach
  • Flexibility in treatment options
  • Modern Facilities for Comfortable Care
  • Advanced Equipment for Precise Diagnoses

What makes us different?

At Dental & Medical Clinic, we make health simple and accessible. We're more than a clinic; we're a community of skilled doctors, dentists & professionals and caring staff dedicated to improving the quality of your life. Whether you need a quick check-up, a detailed examination, or a friendly ear to answer your health problems, we're here for you to help.

Note: Same day appointments usually available

A few words from our customers

Thank you for choosing Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking for your oral & general care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain & return to active healthy lifestyles. 

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