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Gastroenterology at Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking

At Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking, we understand that a happy digestive system is key to a happy life. Our Gastroenterology services are here to ensure that your gut health is at its best, offering expert care for your stomach, liver, and intestines.

In-Depth Gastroenterology Care

Gastroenterology is all about understanding and treating the digestive tract. Whether you’re dealing with discomfort after eating, chronic stomach issues, or liver and intestinal conditions, our gastroenterologists are here to help. They have the expertise to diagnose issues accurately and provide treatments that work for you.

Your appointments are more than just check-ups; they are a partnership in your health. Our specialists will discuss your symptoms, suggest lifestyle adjustments, and, when necessary, perform advanced procedures to get to the bottom of any digestive health concerns.

At Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking, you’ll receive comprehensive care designed to improve your overall digestive health, so you can live your life comfortably and free from digestive worries.

onditions. Our GPs are experts in keeping you healthy in the long term, with advice on lifestyle changes and regular check-ups. If you need specialized care, they’ll coordinate with the best experts, making sure you get the comprehensive care you need.  At our clinic, we’re all about friendly, professional care that you can trust. We’re here to listen and support you with the right advice and treatment to keep you feeling your best.

Our Gastroenteorology Consultant

Gastroenterology and Abdominal Surgeon Services

  • Upper GI surgeon consultation£150
  • Gastroenterologist Consultation£150
  • Follow up GI Surgeon Consultation£100
  • Follow up Gastroenterologist Consultation£100
  • Abdominal Ultrasound scan£110
  • Endoscopy investigation. Gastroscopy£660
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy with bowel preparation£510
  • Food Intolerance Test including Gastroenterologist Consultation£280
  • Proctoscopy£140

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