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Gynaecology at Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking

Keeping You Healthy and Informed

At the Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking, you’ll find understanding and supportive care for all your feminine health needs. Whether it’s regular health check-ups, managing menstrual pain, or guiding you through pregnancy, your well-being is the priority.

What is Gynaecology?

Gynaecology is your go-to for anything related to female health, particularly the reproductive system. Here, you’ll receive care that respects your dignity and privacy, with clear explanations and guidance on every aspect of your health. If you have concerns or symptoms, your gynecologist is here to listen and provide the right care to get you back to feeling well. They’ll also offer simple, practical advice for maintaining your health over time. At the Dental & Medical Clinic in Barking, you’re in caring hands that are committed to helping you stay healthy and informed.

Services of an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist:

Gynaecologist consultation with ultrasound scanning
Treatment of gynecological diseases:
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Pelvic pain
Menstrual and bleeding problems
Vaginal discharge
Premenstrual syndrome and menopause
Fibroids and ovarian cysts
Early pregnancy confirmation
Contraception consultations

Our Gynaecology Specialists

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Services

  • Gynaecologist consultation£130
  • Gynaecologist consultation and examination£160
  • Gynaecologist follow up consultation£100
  • Gynaecologist Consultation. Pelvic Ultrasound Scan with a report£270
  • IUCD (coil) removal including full examination, Pelvic Scan with a report£320
  • Contraceptive Implant Removal ProcedureFrom £210

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