Auris Seibutis

Consultant Physiotherapist
  • Address Info :
    265 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4XE, London


I’m Auris Seibutis, a passionate and experienced physiotherapist with over 30 years of dedicated practice. My journey in the field of physiotherapy has been shaped by a commitment to improving the lives of my patients through a combination of advanced education and hands-on experience.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

Education and Experience

I embarked on my physiotherapy career in Lithuania, earning my qualification over three decades ago. My thirst for knowledge and desire to provide the best care for my patients led me to extend my studies in physical therapy at the Masters degree level in the United States, specifically at Pacific University. This educational journey equipped me with the latest techniques and insights, enhancing my ability to deliver quality care.

In addition to my academic achievements, I've gained invaluable experience during my six years of service in the NHS hospitals. Working in both acute inpatient and musculoskeletal outpatient settings, I've had the privilege of helping patients facing various challenges, from immediate acute pain to complex musculoskeletal issues.
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