Dr. Valda Darginavičienė

Consultant Paediatrician, Pulmonologist, Allergologist
  • Address Info :
    98 Longbridge Road, Barking, IG11 8SF, London


Meet Dr Valda Darginaviciene , a highly qualified paediatrician , paediatric allergist – pulmonologist part time working at Dental and medical Clinic in Barking .

Dr V. Darginaviciene gained her medical degree in 1985 and become a Consultant in General Paediatrics . Paediatric consultant specialising in allergies from 1995 .

She has a wide range of experience in Allergy , Pulmonology , Dermatology Diseases and working in 2 countries – England and Lithuania . 

This doctor is a member of EAAC and Europian Respiratory Society , Baltic countries Paediatric Society .

She has experience in some clinical trials with children in asthma treatment , clinical research investigator  in 4 clinical trials .

The main interest fields are asthma treatment , recurrent respiratory infections , eczema and other skin conditions , food allergy and intolerance , nutritional recommendations for kids of every age , healthy eating , individual diets


Dr Darginaviciene offers service

General children consultations 

Paediatric Consultations for acute pathology 

Development assessment – grow charts , development skills and milestones 

Lung function testing – spirometry and bronchodilator test 

Skin prick testing for allergies to diagnose food and enviroment allergies 

Patch testing for chemicals and contact dermatitis 

ALEX test interpretation

Dr Darginaviciene is registrated with the GMC with registration number 7059528 and she speaks in Lithuanian , Russian , English linguages .


New appointment: 120

Consultation for infants up to 1 year old: 150

Consultation with allergy testing: 220

Consultation with spyrometry 

Allergic diseases in children have increased significanty in recent years and now affect up to 35% of children . They are a major cause of morbility in children .Although there is a genetic predisposition , it is the exposure to environmental allergens , irrritants and infections that will determine the sensitization to different dietary and inhalant allergens .